Sunday, April 11, 2010


Okay, how cool is this gonna be? Dawning, the frightening flick I worked on a couple of falls ago, will be screening for 3 WEEKS in Mankato!

Premiering April 16th, the feature - shot on a shoestring budget by local director Gregg Holtgrewe, with a small, dedicated crew and cast - will be showing at the recently renovated Spectrum Cinema (formerly the Mall 4 theaters, for those 80s Kato kids). The theater, currently playing second-run flicks, offers discounted tickets and concession prices. I mean, $3.00 to see Dawning? Now that's a deal.

The folks at Spectrum will be hosting a premiere event for the flick on the evening of April 16th, with director Holtgrewe and other cast and crew present. Now here's some bummer news: I will not be able to make the event. It breaks my heart. Jen, Alex, and I will be whisking away to Naples, Florida that weekend to visit our good friend Sam, and to introduce Alex to the ocean.

The good news? The film is screening for 3 WEEKS, remember?! So while I cannot make the premiere, I will definitely be making the trip to Mankato to see the film, hopefully with a number of friends and family in tow.

So if you're in Mankato, and you want to see a solid, gripping horror movie that relies on the strength of its characters and situation, and not on the number of buckets of fake blood poured on its actors, then please check out Dawning. You will not be disappointed!

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