Monday, December 17, 2012


Huzzah! So I've been waiting a bit to share this, and the time has finally arrived! I present to you, in all its 'outlaw' glory, the cover for my upcoming book, Can You Survive? Howard Pyle's Merry Adventures of Robin Hood. I'm so very excited for this book. It's part of a series of 'Choose Your Path' books by publisher Lake 7 Creative, where you are the main character in a work of classic literature. As you read the story, you get to make a number of choices. Decide correctly, and you'll survive until the final chapter. It was such a pleasure reading the ballads of Howard Pyle and adapting the story of the infamous outlaw of Sherwood Forest into an action-filled narrative for young readers.

So, without further ado, <drumroll please> I give you the gorgeous cover, illustrated by David Hemenway...

Golly. Ain't she a beaut? The book will be available in mid-January, so check back here for more info about where you can find it!

Happy holidays, all!

Thursday, August 9, 2012


A train book coming? Why, it's already here! Hey gang. Been a while since I've dropped by with a nugget of info. Fear not, though. Things, they are a-happenin'. Aside from the aforementioned picture book that's out, I've been working hard on a variety of projects: writing episodes for The Choo Choo Bob Show, wrapping up the final volume in the Tony Hawk's 900 Revolution series, and putting the finishing touches on a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' style novel based on The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood. So yeah, been a bit busy. But I digress. The main thing I wanted to share today was where you can pick up your very own, mint condition copy of the Choo Choo Bob picture book I wrote, Holy Smokestacks! Here Comes a Steam Engine! The book is based on the characters from the TV show, and on the wonderful, train-tastic town of Bobville. Currently, Smokestacks can be found at The Choo Choo Bob Train Store in Saint Paul, and on their WEBSITE. You can also find the book online, (at the usual book-related websites), or it can be ordered at your favorite book emporium. Our plan is to get it in as many local book stores as we can! Take care and all the best, B

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Hey there, Engineers! So, there's this super-cool model train store here in St. Paul that Alex and I frequent, a place called Choo Choo Bob's. I swear, my kid could watch their window display of moving model trains for hours. Well, the man behind the store, Bob Medcraft, is a local commercial producer. In fact, back in the ol' Production Assistant days, I worked a time or two with the guy. Swell fella. Anyway, a few years back, Bob decided to create a television show about trains, one similar in tone and content to Casey Jones and Captain Kangaroo. The show, aptly titled The Choo Choo Bob Show, produced six episodes, and starred some amazing local talent: Sam Heyn, Rich Kronfeld, Emily Fradenburgh, Dave Tufford, and Charlie Hubbell. Now, I have worked with each and every one of these talented individuals, on commercials, shorts, and even feature-length flicks. They're solid, hard-working peeps. Doubt me? Check the sidebar and marvel at Sam and Rich in two - count 'em TWO - of the 48 Hour Film Festival shorts I co-wrote/directed. Also, many of the crew are people I've worked with for years in the commercial world. So I took the first opportunity to snatch up the DVDs of the show and introduce Alex to the wonderful world of trains.

Okay, so long story longer, the gang is back again, producing an additional 46 episodes! The Choo Choo Bob Show will air locally beginning this June, so be on the lookout for this wacky gang of train-iacs. And I'll be sure to remind you. Why? Because I've become a part of this madcap production! I've currently written two episodes of the show, and I'm the author of the Choo Choo Bob picture book Holy Smokestacks! (coming soon) It's been a joy to work with this group again, and to be a part of a locally-produced children's television show (especially one that my son cherishes so much).

This Saturday, April 14th, from 9:30A.M. to 11:30A.M. the Choo Choo Bob gang are screening new episodes of the show at the Riverview Theater in Minneapolis. The cast will be on-hand, signing autographs, hanging with the kiddos, and performing live music. It's going to be a great event. Tickets are $2.00 apiece, and all of the proceeds are going to the Midway Food Shelf. So come on over and check out The Choo Choo Bob Show!

Here's the details again:
Saturday April 14th
The Riverview Theater
Time: 9:30 - 11:30 AM
Tickets: $2.00 apiece

Hope to see some of you there!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012


...tap tap..."Is this thing on?" ...tap tap...

So yeah...Hi everyone! Been a while. Remember me? Tall, lanky, prone to bad puns? Well, it seems as if whole seasons have gone by since my last post (June? Really, dude?), and for that I apologize. It's been a pretty busy 7 months or so, and I'm thankful for that. Had a few books released. Worked on a handful more. Watched my toddling little toddler turn into a 'big boy.' So yeah, it's enough to forget I've got this little corner of the Interweb to update.

Since 2012 kicked off, the kidlet has hit three pretty solid milestones: he's potty-trained, he sleeps in a bed and not a crib, and he started preschool. The Trinity of Toddlerhood. And he's taken to them all like a champ. Sure, the newfound freedom of bed life has made for some interesting evenings, as did the Defcon 1 scrambles to the bathroom. But he loves school, the social interaction has been great (for both father and son!), and it's created a new favorite moment to my day: asking what he did at school, and trying to decipher his answer. It's awesome.

As for those books I mentioned...they're listed on the sidebar now, but my second graphic novel in the Sports Illustrated Kids line, Riptide Pride was released.

I was also asked to write for an exciting new series from Stone Arch Books, a collaboration with legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk. The series, Tony Hawk's 900 Revolution, follows a quartet of extreme sports enthusiasts tracking down the scattered pieces of a mystical skateboard once used by The Birdman himself. It's a healthy genre combo: equal parts action, mystery, sci-fi, and yes, even romance. I was fortunate enough to be asked to write volumes 6 and 7 (titled Tunnel Vision and Exiled, respectively), and continue on with the series. Four more volumes are on deck for Fall of 2012, three of which were written by yours truly. It's really been a great series to be a part of.

I've also been working on few other projects, but for now I won't say too much about them. They all vary so greatly from one another, in exciting and challenging ways. And when I can share, you bet your sweet bippy I won't wait another 7 months to spread the news!

Hope everything is well in your corner of the world, folks!