Saturday, November 21, 2009


Hey all! So, November has kind of flown under the radar. Sorry about that. It not like it hasn't been eventful (Alex is working on tooth number two, he's eating real food now - if peas indeed count as real food, we traveled to Colorado and back to celebrate my mother's birthday as a family, and I'm currently working on children's book number three).

Recently, though, our 48 Hour Film Challenge entry, Ghost Beef Sandwich, found its way onto the Interweb, so I thought I'd share it with you. Feels like forever ago that I was blogging about our little flick. So I hope you enjoy it.

A few additions to the list of people whose blogs you should check out:

Thomas Kingsley Troupe: Thomas and I met at Barnes and Noble, where our mutual participation in the aforementioned 48 Hour Film Challenge sparked our conversation (on a side note, we didn't accidentally bump into one another. TKT is married to the older sister of one of my childhood friends. Strange world, huh?). Anyway, TKT not only works in film, but he is also a talented children's book author! So check out his site.

Steve Brezenoff: Steve and I have not officially met, but I noticed a while back he had written books for Stone Arch Books, most notably the series titled Field Trip Mysteries. He's also a St. Paulite and a stay at home dad, much like myself.

Scott Phillips: Yep, the same Scott Phillips who wrote The Ice Harvest. He's a super-cool, talented writer. Follow his blog by clicking here.

All right, everyone. That's what I have for you now. If I don't get back to you before Thanksgiving, have a great Turkey Day!

All the best,