Monday, November 10, 2008


Along my new found crusade of exposure, I came to another startling realization: I did not have a business card. Comic conventions, film shoots, wrap and release all of these functions, people passed around cards with the promise of future work, like Patrick Bateman and his friends comparing serif fonts and shades of white. But not I! This poor soul was out of the proverbial loop.

No more! My good friend, the Talented Eric Manske (who's nothing like the Talented Mr. Ripley...two pop culture references!) designed these fantastic new cards, which are in the mail en route to my house as I type this. Well, here's a sneak peek:

*Oh, and there actually is a phone number on the card. I left it out for obvious reasons. You know, the Mob.

If you haven't checked out "Wrong Address", the short story from the previous post, well, get to readin'! It's right there, able to download, print out, read in the--ahem--living room. All it takes is one click. Maybe two. I didn't really count.

In a double shot of blog, I also wanted to point out that tomorrow marks the release of Just After Sunset, the first Stephen King short story collection in six years. I'll be one of the first to pick this badboy up, and will undoubtedly have my nose buried in it for days to come! No one messes with the King!

Happy reading!


houseofduck said...

That is seriously one of the coolest looking business cards I have seen in a long time!

Loved the story by the way.

Brandon Terrell said...

Thanks! That is all Eric. I told him "typewriter and pulpy" and that's where he went. I love it.

Thanks for the kind words about the story! Appreciate it!

McCutcheon said...

Obviously the card is sweet, so I won't say more on that (other than to say I am as jealous as a Pierce and Pierce vice president at being out-business carded). Best Ellis reference I have seen on a long time.