Monday, November 24, 2008


I don't know what I did to ABC, but they must not have liked it. The Powers That Be decided I was watching too much television, because they canceled not one, not two, but three shows that I TiVo.


Eli Stone: meh, I'll get over it pretty quick. The dad from Alias singing Jim Croce can only take you so far.

Dirty Sexy Money: Was I really watching this because I liked it? Or was it because I still needed my Six Feet Under fix? Either way, it was a fun ride. Gotta love that Peter Krause. GAC represent!

Pushing Daisies: By far the most depressing news. I love this show dearly. Imaginative writing. Fantastic storytelling. Compelling characters. Amazing cast. Adjective anything about this damn show. Another case of a cult show not gaining mainstream fans, who would rather watch tripe like 'Celebrities Make Fools Of Themselves'. Reality television killed America's imagination. And shows like Daisies were trying to be smart. Love Lee Pace (check out another canceled gem (and Bryan Fuller creation), Wonderfalls, for more of his brilliance). Anna Friel is a delight to watch. Chi McBride is a detective I can get behind. And Olive. My dear sweet Olive.

What makes Daisies cancellation extra sour is the fact that I met and worked with Miss Olive herself, Kristin Chenoweth, this past summer on Into Temptation. She is everything you'd hope her to be. Funny, charming, adorably short. You just want to put her in your pocket and carry her around. So wonderful.

So ABC, punch me in the gut. Please. Cuz I know your gameplan. You'll soon be trying to cozy right back up to me, with your puppy dog eyes, saying, "You're gonna watch Lost, right? And we have some Scrubs for you."

Sigh. Oh, all right. You win again, network television.


McCutcheon said...

Condolences, man.

Brandon Terrell said...

Sigh...thanks. Sometimes you eat the bar and sometimes, well, he eats you.

Chad & Kate Roberts said...

They hate me too BT. How can you not love Eli...really, we might need to rethink this friendship. I loved PD too. That Ned sure is cute. I am crying on the inside.

Paperboyhitman said...

More evidence that you watch entirely too much television!

Brandon Terrell said...

'Tis true. I do indulge in quite a bit of television. At least they are all QUALITY shows...except Smallville.

And don't rethink our friendship yet, my dear Kate. It's not that I don't love Eli (I did say I TiVoed it), it's just that, in the grand scheme of things, it's disappearance from my life will not cause me sleepless nights.

Daisies, on the other hand...