Friday, May 20, 2011


Happy Friday, everyone! Well, it seems like we had to arm wrestle Mother Nature for spring this year, but after turning our hat around backward and going 'Over the Top', we finally won. It's been a pretty beautiful stretch here in MN (until today, of course. As I write this, it's dark and rumbly and glum-lookin' outside. Almost like the Rapture approaches...)

Of course, this isn't just a post about the weather, because really, how boring would that be? I wanted to remind all of you comic book fans and lovers of all things nerdy that this weekend is the annual SPRINGCON comic convention hosted by the Midwest Comic Book Association at the State Fairgrounds. This is the big 2-day event, held in the large Grandstand building. If you haven't attended the show, it's a great venue, filled to the brim with talented folks - artists, writers, vendors, panels, etc. - and I'm proud to say I'll be there at a table, once more selling copies of Horrorwood & Drake Bacula.

So if you're in the area - hell, even if you're not! - come on over and check it out. The show runs 10AM - 5PM both days (Sat. and Sun., barring earthquakes, zombie uprisings, or Kirk Cameron sightings).

For more info about the con, check out the MCBA's website HERE.

Hope to see you there!


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