Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Happy winter, all! Yeah, I know what you're saying, because I'm saying it too: where the hell were you this fall? Nay, this summer? Well, long story short, I was trying hard to balance the duties of a full-time stay at home Dad with that of a freelance writer/artist. Yeah, it's not the best excuse, but it's the one I offer to you now as a form of apology. I promise, one of my New Year's resolutions (aside from finally training to be a ninja and joining a flash mob) is to be a more frequent blogger. And I think that's indeed possible. After all, I have an inkling 2011 has great potential.

In my time away from this blog, I've watched my little baby turn into a full-fledged toddler. It's a wonder to behold, seeing the squirt running full-tilt at everything, laughing at any and everything, and spouting more and more words each day. The summer saw us hanging out with friends weekly, a trio of fellow stay at homers, and their kids. We visited an array of parks and water parks, and it was truly an amazing experience. My wife and I are blessed to be able to share this time of our lives with friends whose children are all roughly the same age, and who all get along so splendidly. I'll post more about all this later. Like, tomorrow.

"Two posts in one week? I'll believe it when I see it, Terrell!"

Fair enough.

The other reason I neglected this blog (and this has the potential to be quite an exciting reason) is that, in my spare time - nap time, bed time, etc. - I wrote the first draft of a young adult novel! It took longer than I anticipated, but it is there, and it is currently going through the initial stages of revision. Writing a novel-length piece can be a daunting proposition, but I came up with a solid metaphor when starting: "The first draft is like a lump of clay. You have to have the clay on the table, if you want to create a sculpture." So...that's my way of saying, the manuscript needs a bunch of work. But the clay is there. Now it's time to sculpt.

Enough about that (for now). What does any of this have to do with Horrorwood? Well, nothing at all! But there is exciting news to report regarding that killer comic from a few years back. The great gang over at Graphic.ly, an online comic reader, now has the book available for download. What makes Graphic.ly unique is that it is not just a mobile application, but it also offers the ability to view comics on a desktop or online using Adobe Air.

So if you're curiously looking for the ideal thing to download onto that fancy new mobile device St. Nick is about to leave in your stocking, search no further. You can find the free - FREE - preview, and all four issues of Horrorwood by clicking HERE. You will have to create a free account with them, and the books are $1.99 an issue. Graphic.ly also features a slew of other comics, too, so it's totally worth it.

We're really excited to offer Horrorwood on Graphic.ly. We hope you give it a read!

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Anonymous said...

Monkey Steals the Peach

Brandon Terrell said...

An advanced move, for sure. I have yet to master this one.