Monday, October 26, 2009


Hey all! Posts are few and far between right now, and for that, I apologize. Things around here have been running pretty smoothly. Alex has officially cut his first tooth (there were a few long days mixed in there, but it comes with the territory). I excitedly signed a contract to write another book with Stone Arch Books, something I will share more about as I can. And we're planning a trip to Colorado soon to celebrate my mother's birthday by visiting my sister!

But this post is about the Into Temptation DVD, which is set to be released TOMORROW! That's right, as of October 27th, the Minnesota-made flick that had an insanely good run at the Lagoon Theater, along with theaters in Omaha, New York, and beyond, can be yours to own.

If you're an Amazon kinda person, CLICK HERE.

It's also available online at Best Buy and at Target.

Oh, and you can also add it to your Netflix queue.

So fire up the popcorn, and enjoy!


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