Thursday, July 23, 2009


That's not just a clever, catchy title. This post is truly about a few books in the pipeline that I'm pretty darn excited to pick up and read (as if the massive pile in front of me isn't towering enough).

Heaven's Keep by William Kent Krueger

Keep is the ninth book in the Cork O'Connor series, and (I believe) the second to last. Krueger is a local author, and I've had the pleasure of meeting him on a couple of occasions. He is a genuinely nice guy, the kind of guy that would be a fine mentor for a young, scrappy author. His books show an authentic affinity toward Native American customs and history, the beauty of the Minnesota landscape, and familial bonds. While they often deal in gruesome reality (the breathtaking finale of his prior book, Red Knife, is a fine example), there is something sincere about his storytelling.

Once Upon A Crime bookstore will be holding a release party for the novel on Wednesday, September 2nd. I've already got it on my calendar.

Once Upon A Crime: An Anthology of Murder, Mayhem, and Suspense Edited by Gary R. Bush and Chris Everheart

Speaking of the fine folks at OUAC, this anthology of stories is something I just came across. Brimming with crime fiction by familiar names like, well, William Kent Krueger and Anthony Neil Smith, the book honors the store that has championed many mystery authors, and its proceeds will go toward assisting the owners with recent medical costs. It's a great way to support local, independent booksellers, while receiving a slew of stories written by great Minnesota authors. It's win-win!

Memory by Donald Westlake

Leave it to the gang at Hard Case Crime to get their hands on the very last manuscript by the late Donald Westlake. Written nearly forty years ago and shelved, Westlake's story follows a man who is the victim of an assault that leaves a peculiar scar: his brain is unable to retain memories, or form new ones. Now, he sets out investigating a missing person's case where he is the missing person.

Memory will be published in January 2010, a fitting tribute to a talented author.

More exciting news coming soon, so check back!
Happy reading!

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