Sunday, May 17, 2009


So I made a bet, and thank Christ I don't have to pay up. Upon walking into Once Upon a Crime yesterday, and shaking Anthony Neil Smith's hand, he promptly told me, "You know, if your wife gives birth today, you have to name the baby Hogdog."

Well, bullet dodged! Phew! We are still in a holding pattern over here, as the stubborn offspring has decided he's not quite ready to leave his snug home yet.

As for the signing...Well, first off, let me say, if you live in the Twin Cities, and have yet to set foot in Crime's cozy, basement location, shame on you. They are the most cordial, knowledgeable folks around. So do yourself a favor and shop there, dammit.

And while you're there, pick up Anthony Neil Smith's books. Neil's a genuinely nice fella (um, I mean he's a growling, frightening badass, with a rep to preserve). We had a chance to chat for a while, and I walked out with a kick-ass, signed copy of Hogdoggin'.

So a big thanks to Neil for taking the time to talk, and for the photo. Everyone go buy the book (you can pick up early, signed copies at Once Upon a Crime, naturally) and make it a scorching success.


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Neil said...

Aw, damn it! That would've been cool, and twenty years from now, Hogdog Terrell would've hunted me down and shot me, like the Boy Named Sue!

Kididng. Good to meet you, and all best to your wife and the new addition to the fam.