Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Halloween is right around the corner. If you're like me, the month of October is damn near perfect. Between the falling leaves, crisp air, and the return of hot apple cider to the rotation of beverage choices, this time of year cannot be beat. And October would not be complete without the constant rotation of terribly great and the so-terrible-they're-great horror movies on television and in theaters (Return to House on Haunted Hill? Really? We needed to return there?!).

So in honor of October and Halloween, I present to you a little flick called 13 Hours in a Warehouse. In the summer of '07, a small but dedicated group of film folks (myself included) set out to make a low budget horror film about five thieves who hide out in a warehouse for the night. Only the warehouse ain't empty. There's a few ghosts roaming around. We shot the flick entirely in Minneapolis, with 95% of it obviously shot in the warehouse itself. It was a stiflingly hot, smoke-filled 18 day shoot, with every window in the joint blacked out to simulate night (shooting the film at night would have caused more headaches, plus a film shoot consisting of nothing but night shoots would have driven the crew - being paid mostly in sandwiches and compliments - away). It was my second film working as First Assistant Director, and I cherish the experience because I met many talented people who are now good friends and colleagues.

Director Dav Kaufman and producer Jasmine Reid secured worldwide distribution for the film through Maverick Entertainment. The movie can be found on Netflix, at Blockbuster (saw it there on the shelf yesterday!), and at Best Buy. For more info on the flick, check out the website HERE.

So check it out! There's no time like the present, especially since there's only a couple days left before it's time to retire the Michael Myers masks and scarecrows for another year. Sigh...couldn't it be October every month?

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